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Green Life Farm began as a hopeful dream back in 2013 when my wife and I planted our first garden.  Then, over the next year, life threw us a curve ball.  We found out the reason why our new baby, who was born in 2014, was so upset all the time.  She was allergic to all sorts of foods and we really had to resort to cooking from scratch using natural garden ingredients.  From 2014-2016, our gardens kept expanding as we became accustomed to the sweet flavours they had to offer.  2016 was our best year yet producing much produce and allowing me to bring our product to customers for the first time.  That is when I fully caught the buzz!  I was ready to become a market farmer, and Green Life Farm was born.

Green Life Farm is located in Whitney, NB, just outside of Miramichi. We specialize in Fruit and Vegetable production.  The farm consists of 1.5 acres dedicated to production, and we have several 100 foot-long greenhouses for warmer loving crops and season extension.  Green Life Farm is a Family run business owned by Daniel Ettinger and run by the Ettinger family.  We farm using no chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, and in the future we will be looking to gain our Organic Certification.

We grow using natural methods to ensure optimal soil health that will create high quality and nutrient-dense produce.  One of our goals is to produce the best food possible for the residents of Miramichi and surrounding areas.  We love the thought of giving people as much access as possible to enjoy fresh produce for as long as our seasons allow it.


Green Life Farm is new to the scene. We are young adults who are filled with passion and vision.  With our 1.5 acre expansion we can not wait to fill peoples' homes with quality, fresh, local produce.  We are big believers in supporting local and we want to show you just how much can been grown in our local climate.  Our vision of helping support and provide Miramichi and surrounding areas with local produce starts with our soil and how we work it. 

Everything begins with the soil.  We enjoy working with the soil and using beneficial plants and bugs to help mitigate any pest damage.  The healthier our soil and more bio-dynamic we become, the more nutrient-dense our produce will be.  We are going back to using compost, cover crops, and mulches to help improve soil structure instead of using chemicals.  This ensures clean, wholesome produce for you and your families to enjoy.

Green Life Farm is on the move and we invite everyone to be a part of it!

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