Quick Bag Program

Offering our Quick Bag Program again in 2019!!


We are really excited to be able to offer even more variety when it comes to Green Life Farm Programs.  We have officially launched our Quick Bag Program. The Quick Bag Program is $249.99, (Payment options available) and in return you will get a bag with 5-6 items in it each week for 15 weeks.  This works out to less than $17.00 a week.

The quick bag program is for anyone that wants fresh vegetables each week for 15 weeks but doesn’t want to make a full commitment to the CSA Box program in fear of having too much veggies.  The Quick Bag Program is great for single use, or families that want a program but also want to buy extra items from the local farmers markets. The Quick bag program is also a great way to try out a veggie program without much risk.

There are some differences between the CSA and the Quick Bag programs.  The CSA Box Program will give you 10 plus different items each week, where as the Quick Bag Program only gives you 5-6.  If you or your family are big veggie eaters we would still recommend you go with the CSA Box Program.

The reason why we offer these programs is because most of the cost that the farmer will incur happens in the very early spring before crops are being harvested. For example: purchase of seeds, wages for workers, fuel, advertising, etc.  By subscribing to one of our programs you are helping us with the capital when it is needed most. In return you are sure to get fresh veggies each week.

***NEW to 2019*** Green Life Farm has teamed up with Carrolls Bakery to offer a bread option in our CSA Box Program. What that means is if you click on the bread option you will receive 4 vegetable items each week and 1 item of bread. If you wish to have all 5 items as vegetables we do have that option still available as well.

2019 Quick Bag Program Sold Out!!